OneStoreIndia Handcrafted Pure Metal Brass Lord Hanuman with Calf Set Idol (Standard, Gold) Metal Idol - 4

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OneStoreIndia's Hand Carved Solid Pure Metal Kamadhenu / Gomatha Wish Fulfilling Cow With Calf Set. Kamadhenu/ Gomatha cow also known as Surabhi (Surabh?), is a divine heavenly goddess mentioned in Hindu mythology as the mother of all cows. Kamadhenu cow is also depicted in the ancient Vedas as the cow of wish or desire. When Brahma himself concluded Surabhi cows austerities he appeared before them and granted their wishes and blessed them with the benediction that cows would eternally be the sustainers of all creature creatures.Kamadhenu cow is supposed to fulfill all desires, so it is depicted as cow of an innumerable fulfilment of wishes. It also Brings a POSITIVE IMPACT As per Vastu Shastra Spritual Idols Showpieces Placed in North East Direction of Drawing / Living & Pooja Room brings Wealth,Health,Peace, Happiness & removes all the sufferings of his devotees.

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